Banana Ice Cream – 1 ingredient! Dairy & Sugar Free


We fell in love this morning! 

It is a long weekend so we made wholemeal pancakes with banana ice cream and raspberries.  The kids were a bit amazed at the idea of having ice cream for breakfast!

Here’s how we did it:

Banana Ice Cream

3 frozen, skinless bananas (slice in chunks and freeze them when they are really ripe but not quite as ripe as you would use for banana bread).

Blitz them up in a food processor and voilà! you have ice cream!  We served it up straight away as it was a   last-minute addition to our pancakes. 

If you find that it isn’t blitzing that well in your processor or you want a creamy ice cream a bit faster, add an unfrozen banana and that helps with the blitzing. 


It was amazingly creamy and just like ice cream.

We added some extras this time as it was a ‘special’ day:

2-3 Tbsp of Cocao

1 Tbsp of maple syrup

Other additions could include:  coconut, nuts, and other frozen fruit for a different taste.  Frozen strawberries work really well with the banana.

For a creamier dessert, try adding some greek yogurt or try freezing them in popsicles (ice blocks).


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