Cowboy Caviar


OH the joys this dish has brought my family and kids!  First, the kids are eating beans and veggies and they love it! Second, it’s such a quick, easy, put-it-together-last-minute kinda dish.  Have it as a main with corn chips (read the labels!) or as a side salad.

Don’t know where the term ‘Cowboy Caviar’ came from, but it’s so good!

Note:  because of time constraints of working, having kids and everything else…I do use canned black beans and canned corn.  The ‘better’ way of preparing this dish would be to soak the black beans over night and cook the corn….but really, I don’t have time for that at the moment! Sometimes you just need a quick (but healthy, tasty, delicious!!!!) dish to whip up!

Cowboy Caviar

1 can black beans
1 can sweet corn
1/2 red onion, diced really small
2 tomatoes, diced
1-2 avocados, chopped
 1-2 tbsp chopped coriander

Put all ingredients in a bowl and gently mix together.

1 tbsp red wine vinegar
3-4 tbsp lime juice
 2 tbsp oil

Combine the dressing together and pour over the bean mixture. 

Serve at room temp with tortilla chips or as a side to smoked paprika chicken or fish (shown above). 



About theideasbook

Lover of yummy food! Would love a small farm or a plot of land to grow veggies and herbs on day. Until then, I seek to find the best foods around me (and what I can grow in pots!) to create divine recipes that the whole family loves - including the kids! Making good food choices and teaching my kids think about the food that they eat.

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