Smoked Paprika Fish


A great main dish with Cowboy Caviar and Tortilla Chips or fish tacos!                                   (   Photo to come soon…    )

Smoked Paprika Fish

300g firm fish (we use Barramundi)
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 tbsp smoked paprika

Cut the fish into large chunks, bite-size if you are serving kids.

Mix the coconut flour and smoked paprika together in a bowl or bag.  Toss the fish in the mixture and fry in a lightly sprayed pan with olive oil.

So easy and quick!


About theideasbook

Lover of yummy food! Would love a small farm or a plot of land to grow veggies and herbs on day. Until then, I seek to find the best foods around me (and what I can grow in pots!) to create divine recipes that the whole family loves - including the kids! Making good food choices and teaching my kids think about the food that they eat.

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