Yay!  A new recipe!  It’s only been over a year since I have thought about food.  Being pregnant and then having a bouncing baby boy has slightly put me off food, preparation and coming up with new recipes that everyone will eat.  So, that’s my excuse! With the new school year starting next week (yikes!),  I have been doing lots of testing of recipes that the kids will eat and love.  Of course these have to be nut-free (there goes ALL my yummy, filling treats for the kids!) because we go to a nut-free school.  So…in the search to replace my chocolate balls with something that the kids can take to school…we created apple pie balls this morning!  I should clarify that while they don’t have any added sugar, they do use dried fruit so fructose levels are up.  Saying that, they are deliciously sweet so you don’t need more than one or two.

Apple Pie Balls (nut-free)

1c. apple rings (look for ones without preservatives!)

1c. apple crisps

1tsp. cinnmon

1c. dates

1c. unsweetened coconut

2Tbsp + hot water

Combine everything in a food processor and add hot water until it starts to form a ball.  Take 1 1/2 tsps of the mixture and roll into balls.  Roll the balls in some extra coconut . I have no idea how long they will keep since these types of things never stick around for more than 2 days, if that, at my house.  I suppose they would keep longer in the fridge.IMG_0838.JPG (2)

Apple Pie Balls


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