This blog is in response to my daily conversations about food!  Many ask for recipes and I thought I would put them all on one page for easy access.

A little bit about me so that you don’t assume that I have a ton of free time on my hands:

I have two kids (7 and 5 years old) and one husband.  I cook for them nearly every day.  However, I do get tired of cooking, bored of the meals that we eat, and VERY uninspired at times!  I work 3 days a week.  Until recently, I had a part-time volunteering job at a local preschool that also required up to 3 days a week.  I cook nearly everything from scratch.

My food goals:

1. To never buy anything packaged, (or eat very unprocessed food as possible with less that 5 ingredients).

2. To raise my kids to make great food choices and understand why they are making those choices.

Feel free to borrow, steal, claim for your own these amazing recipes that you and your family (even the kids!) will love!

I have kid-approved ALL of the recipes.  They won’t contain ingredients that you cannot find at the local grocery store. They will be based on what we can get in Australia.  I have found a ton of blogs, websites and ideas that are for people in Canada and the USA but this one will be for Australian families since we can’t get many of their products here.

Take this food journey with me.  Let’s transform our kitchens.  Let’s make food that is great for our families.  Let’s discover what is exactly in our food, how it can affect us (not just now but later in life) and how to protect our kids by feeding them the BEST food!

I PROMISE not to make drastic changes!  Drastic changes are hard and leave you confused and the family unwilling to change.  They will know that you are up to something! I like the ‘eat and replace with something better’ method which works really well and it doesn’t feel like you are wasting food that you already have in the cupboards.

As the primary carer, cook and grocery shopper for our families, we have the responsibility and the ability to change the way we eat so that we are healthier in the short and long term and prepare our kids’ bodies for their futures to keep them as healthy as possible.


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