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Lunches 3



How good does this look?!?!

Pumpkin wholemeal pancakes with coconut cocao ‘frosting’
Coconut dream ball
Sliced apples

Absolutely NO refined sugar added!  The coconut ‘frosting’ has maple syrup added to make it a bit sweet.  The kiddos love that they can have frosting and pancakes for lunch!  Do they know that this lunch is packed full of nutrients and good things to keep them going all day?  Well, they do know that everything in their lunch is good for them and that it tastes GREAT!

They asked for this lunch again next week.

We’ll see how we go.

I didn’t make a double batch to put in the freezer.  My mistake.  ALWAYS make a double batch of everything.  Well, I didn’t think that DD6 would ask for the leftover pancakes for breakfast the next morning.  Full of pumpkin and wholemeal, I couldn’t say no.

Time to plan for next week!


Lunches 2



For DD6 her lunch is pretty standard and easy today:

1 organic lavosh cut into 4 pieces
apple slices
homemade coconut cocao pudding


DS8 saw what his sister had yesterday and thought it looked pretty good!

8 Jatz crackers
ham cutouts
cheese cutouts
homemade coconut cocao pudding
apple slices


I know I should be links up to recipes but that’s the next step!

First day of school:



For DD6 we have a ‘lunchable’ lunch.  She loves her snacks and dislikes sandwiches and does not eat a lot.

6 Jatz crackers
6 flower cheese cutouts
6 flower ham cutouts
Organic Snackimals (Doubles Chocolate!)


DS8 is into salads lately!

Salad greens with sweet cherry tomatoes and grated cheese on top with a side of balsamic dressing
Mixed berries – raspberries, blackberries and strawberries
Organic Snackimals (Doubles Chocolate!)